Sweet Morning Symphony


So this morning I woke up.

I don’t know why this was a surprise
but I know it was the light streaming in through the window
-that’s what awoke me.
A white light so bright for a moment i thought i was dead
but then the beating in my chest told me I was still of this world.
For some reason I was disappointed.
The dreams I had been dreaming where so alive

(what a cliché)
and there-in the dreams-the dreams i felt:
the quickened senses,
the content rhythm,
two hearts that beat in unison…
Then you move,
closer to me snuggling into my arms.
I find myself wondering if this was still my dream?

-i really don’t care-

i lay back down.
it’s to early in morning to get up (i never want to leave)
the moonlight is coming through the window
and i remember that final thought
the one before i fell asleep with my arm around you.
The one i whispered to silently in your ear-

“I could die right now.
I’m just…happy.
I’ve never felt that before.
I’m exactly where I want to be.”

You smile in your sleep.



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2 responses to “Sweet Morning Symphony

  1. Beautiful thoughts x a moment of bliss x enjoy!

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