Ole Long Neck


length from shoulders to

chin, much longer than normal,

head perched above all,

very disproportional,

oh giraffe you’re an oddball



Filed under aptenodyte

11 responses to “Ole Long Neck

  1. SjSchafer

    Thanks for visiting Phase Two. I love all the animal pictures, but I really like birds. Thanks for sharing :0))

  2. I’m dedicating the next one to you….. :) but have yet to find the perfect words… for more birds …better with the camera than with “the words,” take care!

  3. Yoshiko

    I love the animals photo. And I also like the way you are trying to portray. :-D
    Thank you for liking my poetry ‘Whisper Out Of The Dream World’. :-)

  4. nice one here. and the picture is splendid too. thanks for stopping by my blog, for the ‘like’ and also for following.i appreciate that greatly.

  5. UnKnownMrStacker

    this is a fantastic image/poem. Great mix!

  6. mj

    well! that is a poetic stretch to a giraffe…. but it’s really nice! :)

  7. I have a really long neck for which I used to get teased. Then I found out it could be a good thing. Love your work! I’m flattered that you liked my story. Thank you.

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