I Could Have Slept All Day

from darkness to light,

suddenly a transition,

while i was sleeping,

i rolled from back to stomach,

and then i woke up sneezing.



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36 responses to “I Could Have Slept All Day

  1. I write tanka also. I started a renga page. If any want to be part of a renga poem can. Your tanka is perfect.

  2. Hi apten0dyte. Thank you so much for following my blog. Best Wishes, The Foureyed Poet.

  3. Wow. So sharp and great. Wonderful.

  4. teasawilliams

    Nice! :)

  5. Hey. Love your blog. Thanks for finding mine and following it.

  6. Thanks for the follow.. see you soon…

  7. thanks checking out my blog,much appreciated

  8. christineevelynvance

    Thanks for the likes and for subscribing to my blogs!
    P.S. You must have a feather pillow. :)

  9. thanks for stopping in at my blog!

  10. Al Kline

    Sounds like the flu! Thanks for visiting.

  11. Cheryl

    Thanks for following my blog. Also, the title of this post is clever and engaging. :)

  12. I really enjoyed it – so short, so sweet and economical.

  13. This is wonderful! I particularly love the ending — what a surprise! :)

  14. This is fantastic! Short, but full of so much promise.

  15. I had a teacher once…she suggested haiku…miine always sucked…yours don’t…and…I always admire people who can do things well that I don’t have a clue about…like haiku.
    No clue about haiku…and, I’m not a very good poet either…too digressive.

  16. Nice. I love short poetry. Brevity leaves room for…everything.

  17. Thanks for this, and for stopping by stillvoicing.

  18. Thanks for giving me a refreshing romp on these pages! Needed that. Love the crispness, the playfulness of your words. Thanks for the visit and follow today – and for trail here.

  19. Beautiful piece.
    PS thanks for liking and following my blog.

  20. Love this little poem. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog; I really appreciate it.

  21. thanks for checking my blog. really cool

  22. stevewthomas

    Been there, done that. . .Thanks for folowing my blog. . .It means a lot. . .

  23. Thanks for following my blog. :) Renee

  24. Thanks Apten0dyte for following my blog.

  25. Hi, thanks for following amuteforamuse. You have a great blog here and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  26. Love this! Thanks for the follow :-)

  27. thanks for your like. i like yours too. let’s keep in touch if you like.

  28. wisperin9shad0s

    thanks for the like. i love the way the poem ended. did you wake from a dream when you woke sneezing?

  29. Kye

    Oh that is so funny! That last line made me laugh out loud. Pure wonderful.

  30. dmarshall58

    A crazy little poem… wonderful!

  31. Nice! and thanks for liking my poems too

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