A Clear Eastern American Mind

I continue to be uninspired.


I’m a boyfriend purely out of routine.

But I know what’s up in that head of yours.

You’re only thinking of that new scheme.


I used to believe there was this thing called true love.

I do still believe in love, except my view point has completely changed.



I used to see the patterns in static.


I really do get where you’re coming from, with everything;

so I apologize.

But please don’t think I’m stupid and wouldn’t understand.

This is why I’m being “needy” right now:

You keep leaving me hanging.

I said to you used the expression

“it’s like your keeping something from me.”

And I was right.


You just haven’t been wanting to talk to me lately.

You tell me you’re busy,

and you’re with your friends.

Why don’t you save yourself the trouble and actually talk to me,

like you would someone you love:

who you’re concerned over.


Because you and me are in this together.


there lies the problem



— happyMESS (transcribed by Sangretti)



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2 responses to “A Clear Eastern American Mind

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for deciding to follow it. I’m happy you enjoyed reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts.

    I’m already in love with your blog and your writing. Wonderful and creative!! I look forward to following your blog and reading even more. :)

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