A free write

I act like I don’t care about it.
But frankly I’m just scared about it.
Because I fell in love one single time.
And my heart was crushed with a drop of a dime.
You went away.
I’m here to stay.
You moved along.
And I’m not moving on.
Can’t let go.
Even if you’d tell me so.
Goodbyes never traded.
Wondering if we would have made it.
Left in a place some time before.
Wishing I’d turn back time to the first time at your front door.…
Tick tick tick.
The love explodes.
Struct by its lightning.
Burnt by its flamed.
Ran with closed eyes to places we never explained.
But why fall in love.
If its not tough.
Without it my life would never be the same.


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