Whispers that Scream

“Back underground” a voice screams out

I get my feet moving as wheels in my head start to turn

I know I’m missing something but I can’t stop now

For it’s a narrow one way path

And judging by the sound

There are a million other people

Just behind my back

I push the thought away, to the back of my mind

Priority is keeping my feet moving to keep myself alive

Darker and darker

Lower and lower

The voices are getting louder and are growing in number

I don’t know where I’m going

Besides blind and deaf so I stop

To catch my breath

And to gather my thoughts

I feel hands and fists pressing on my back

Violently pleading that I get back on track

I turn to remind them that I don’t have a clue

Just where we’re going

Or what the hell they want me to do

My stomach then dropped and I could feel my heart stop

As I began to realize

that I was standing alone

And had been this whole time


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