Some Time Left to Rhyme

I keep saying out loud, “I’m running out of time and times running out now,”
But my beginnings are endless, so by a lot, I’m not down.
Looking up at this cloud, over crowd with self doubt,
‘Cuz theres way too many rhymes and I need to break out.

A good friend had told me, “Don’t limit yourself,”
If I only knew another language, for my lines and my rhymes; a clean bill of health.
He lent me a door in the form of a new paperback on my shelf,
If I had but one more “if only” from this sickness I’d get well.

So I’ll give it a try before my time is all gone,
Step out from my shadow, diffuse this lack of time, bomb.
Don’t give up on me yet, I think I’m almost ready,
But shit we’re out of time,
Forgive me Sangretti!


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  1. Everything’s happening!

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