About me

I am me.

I am not a label.

I am my hair.

I am not a fable.

I am real.

I am not a conformist.

I am who I am, and I love what I do.

I am not a saint.

I accept all walks of life and people.

Coming from nothing to something opened my eyes…I escaped the stereotype I was suppose to live and started a better life and path for my future.

I am Cire Ryohei.

Where the light breaks between the 2 trees over the water bank and reflects into your soul on the 14th of every month….that is who I am.



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2 responses to “About me

  1. I feel like this is a part 2 of CAMOUFLAGE in the sense of the anger in the end line “JUST BE YOU AND TO THE REST…..FUCK OFF!” into “I am me”. Very nicely done!

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