Optoelectronic Orchid.

Big grins follow the fall of a man.

When brilliant daggers cut a beautiful face.

I am emptied of suspended disbelief.

Shambling forward, its hard to see.

Split a secret from your lips.

Listen as the tall trees sway it away.

Silhouetted orchids blacken brick walls.

Birthing ageless vagabonds.

Cant count on ever coming home.

So keep on hand feeding his majesty, her ghost.

Heads will fly when opposites attract.

Dirty mouths remark a steady front of tact.

Dizzy syndrome from a night out on the town.

Keeping friendless martyrs tight by your side.

Oh captain, MY captain, has it really been 3 years?

Days seem longer when you’re hung upside down.

The oceans are killing for more than they’re worth.

`Good Apollo.



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4 responses to “Optoelectronic Orchid.

  1. Now….can someone dare say this is not AMAZING?!

  2. Every time I think I have a favorite line on this piece, the next line makes me change my mind, haha. It really is a helluva bit to drop as your first, Apollo, kudos to you!

  3. unknowmrstacker

    This is fantastic. Favorite line? “Dirty mouths remark a steady front of tact.” Dunno why…really sticks with me…

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