there’s only o…

there’s only one thing in this world that I need
it’s ya whole presense, that sets my soul free
I like to keep you close ’cause your my little G
your the tunnel of light, when I can’t see
You and I are just destined to be

even in my everyday struggle
you tell me to keep my head, we just huddle
and the main reason why i stay outta trouble

I want to provide for ya, ride or die for ya
share the same tears so i’ll cry for ya
slip and slide with ya, side by side with ya

and even though we are worlds apart
your the only one that holds my heart
your the only one there from the start

saw me through the pleasure, walked me through the pain
stood by me when I’m crazy, made me laugh to keep me sane
only thoughts of you keep racing through my brain
your love, your love is coursing through my veins

i wanna let you know that there’s no one thats the same


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