Looking Back on Older Works

Growing up while surrounded by nothing more then a plethora of fields, cows and inevitably the shit that’s spread over top to create more fertile soil provides a person with only so many options for their future. The first, of course, is to farm the land and follow in the footsteps of your fathers. But that never worked for me for one main reason being that my father grew up as a city drunk whose fate included him being kicked out of his home town and hitchhiking the states through out the 70′s. Another is to deal drugs because as we all know no matter the landscape of your home, or the friendly neighbors who take pride in their gardens and homes, who’s wife’s participate in every school board meeting and husbands –  rod and gun meetings there’s always the dopers who give everyone someone to look down at and feel better about their own miserable lives.

Then you could always just fall into a 9-5 or follow your dreams to teach, inspiring the young mind who will more than likely walk to the bathroom after class to blow a few hydrocodone in order to make it through the day without violently disseminating the establishment before taking his life because he never really understood exactly the beauty of life, or whatever is said at the assembly held after to give comfort to the classmates who never saw it coming.

Worst of all, you could be stuck in fast food. The everyday grease and grim of over the overpriced, over the counter sandwiches which do far more harm then good. Which is why you steal as much as your stomach holds and then a few extra subs and bagels in your bag to take home to make it worth the time you spent. In your down time you can go over the screenplays in your head, make plans you know will never go through, think of how easy it would be to act if only you had the time and think about finally starting to write just to see if anyone will like it. Then, with hope and luck but most of all the poor judgment of some strung out publisher, someone important will notice the subtle dark side but overall truthfulness and telling tales you’ve read over without any real examination for proper grammar or markup because you know that will be recognized as what  made You become well known.

Not old enough to drink and still living at home to save money while attending community college isn’t what you had in mind 4 years ago when you first stepped foot behind the counter that summer you decided to work but it gives enough cash to buy a quarter a week of mid grade weed, enough motivation to keep going back. Anything can help at this point but the truth of the matter is tomorrow morning you’ll wake up at 5 and start all over again. No point in stopping when nothing terrible bad is happening.

— Sangretti


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