Admiration and Love

The way she embraces me

when we lay in bed

warms my heart from the frigid

Her smile is bright,


joyful to see.

I will do whatever it takes to preserve

It and watch it GROW.

Nurture our love

burning with the white hot intensity of

One Thousand Suns.

A supernova of passion and

Her giggle causes the chain reaction,

Her eyes squinting finely pressing

against her cheeks.

The finely creased dimple from her smile

shows the high extension of her lips,

I admire such definition.

She exudes a confident aura in her walk

shoulders pressing against the sky

Her head above the clouds,

A titan of poise.

All I can do is look up


closer to her atmosphere.

Coming to realize

I’ve been there

All this time, just

Unwilling to see it.

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by | March 17, 2014 · 9:16 pm

Snow Ridden Thoughts

Remember, Remember the snow of December that falls and sprawls to snowy tempers.
Fists are clenched, hearts are pacing, the eyes of the judger is mind erasing of a thought that was squeezed and smothered to death
The dark alleyways and cigarette butts stand still everywhere for all the world to see
The Puffer, the chainer, the puller, the strainer is a meeting of like minds in a chamber of anxious solitude
The bumpy roads and broken streets lights have hardened them all to feel no peace that they deserve in their hearts to truly be immortally free
Beer Bottles had strewn everywhere, where no one cares. Glass broken and emotions broken to a state of rawness
The chugger, the lugger, the sip queen and the steady stream all bust at the seams as all heights are heightened and the memories are suppressed to a state of duress.
And so I say remember, remember the snow of December that falls and sprawls to snowy tempers. Fists are clenched hearts are pacing. The ears of the judger can hear nothing of the placing on the words that wanted to so badly to fit for fit’s sake fell on deaf ears.
The cold tunnels that men walk through, to feel a robotic reality that will never exist for them within their lifetimes because clocks are of an earthly mind not a natural design.
The worker, the jerker, the half blind discerner are all running in pace to catch air with their hands all the while forgetting who surrounds them.
Machines are worn, hands jitter to be placed only in a space that ties feel safe to set them in
The Ticker, the Tocker, The compartmentalizing locker all hold space and time to be so valuable not realizing that time ends for them and have cornflakes instead of true gold inside to mine but chase rainbows of standard and measurement
Will you remember remember the snow of December the time you make is for you to enjoy in splendor


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The Tower of babel

Words that spray to blind disarray of a fray that is twisted and mired

In such a way that makes you know

 The truth of thundering hooves that clicks and clacks on top the very roof without a drop of couth

For all of us to hear

A sound that dances around the mound inside the ground

A really soulful thing

To know to take thoughts to grow, water moving even flow with seeds to sow

There are really strong

Wheels they turn, every stone relearned the minds they churn

For the fire of insight

 A mind uses more than a dime a quarter or half the time

Is wastefully

Spun to sunder, blissfully full of thunder, it lacks heart what a blunder

So loosely

Disheveled heaps full of pebbles; minds completely leveled a look at the devil

Their eyes are burning

So bright and full of light, despite the mites that bite their hears are quite

In shambles

The man lays hand in reprimand to find scam that burnt his hand and burn the ham

For is it fiction that I say with diction that what I hold carries no depiction of who I am to listen to soul so sweet to christen and wake up every Sunday morning with a fucking smile on my face



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Refrigerator Magnet Poems: 17


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by | March 14, 2014 · 7:08 am

Tribute to Mothers out there

A woman of salt, a soul of gold and a love that is timeless and never old

A Mother’s love

pure devotion, not fake shows her truest emotions a love so unfathomable that it cannot be written or spoken

A Mother’s love

Always their never gone, never old a timeless song, a love so eternal it can go on and on

A Mother’s love

On the day of their day you tell them true, because you feel it deep inside of you

O’ mom how I love ya threw and through

A Son’s love

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Bird Murder

Move along nothing to see here. Two Eagles squawk. Does anyone know this parrot? No one’s gonna say anything I think we ruffled their feathers. Who cares! We need answers, third dead bird this week with no leads. We can do our jobs or wait for the vultures to come and leave no clues, go over there and ask those hens. This bird murder is senseless. When we were flying up birds didn’t just wind up dead. There’s no room in the nest for nonsense. Some birds over there wouldn’t say much just that the bird wasn’t from around here flew in last night and stayed at the redwood. Bird murder. I had to ask if birds murder one another and to my surprise a lot of people think so. I’m on the opposite end. “The bird that can fly can escape his own death.” As humans we know people committ murder because of the media as birds they know what? That tweety thought he saw a puddy cat. Murder in nature isn’t natural it’s killer vs victim. As a gang of crows show up. The feds. Now it’s impossible to tell if we will get answers. Bird Murder. To be continued.

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