The Poets Wept

The poets wept
The drinkers drank
The stars bled
And the rest fled

What’s left here in the end
Is simply the best of the worst
The unknown dreams of the ones who didn’t care
And the ghosts of the dead

All the bridges have burned
With no hope no religion
All money and only fame
Everyone else elated on the med

Stuck in a loop of a neo revolution 9
Making sense of rubbish in gibberish
A doped up generation coddled under mother’s care
Taking in everything that they are spoon fed

It was always going to end like this
Ashen skies and blood red seas
Walking skeletons and fat pigs
Divided by cracks created in dread

The dread of what was always to come
but no one listened to what the fools said

Because the poets just wept
The drinkers just drank
The stars just bled
And the rest just fled.


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Haiku: 33

Nautical miles.

you left a lump in my throat.

Ending horizons.


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Refrigerator Magnet Poem: 20



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Age Should Never be Just An End Point (it’s a privilege)

You haven’t seen my girl.
She’s much to old for me.
But her eyes are the prettiest and the youngest I’ve ever seen.
Little pools of placid blue with just the right depth of wisdom.
They always take me in with such warmth and need that I’m in no hurry to put on my clothes again.
She warms my soul.
I warm her body.
That’s all either of us need.

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Refridgerator Magnet Poem: 19


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You Know Everything

Take a moment to think…
Should seeing be believing?
Not everything has a meaning.
Our paths are full of what we don’t expect, yep , that person you met.
The darkest points in your life you’ve probably faced alone. Or you will.
These words won’t explain a single thing about a single thing
If you know everything.

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These Lines are a Poem of Single Line Poems (and notes)

For a week, I’ve dreamed the phrase “my teeth fell out, like ivory typewriter keys,” waking and throwing my numb limbs at my face frantically searching and frantically finding.

what a relief

I think listening to He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms doesn’t make you a better anything, just maybe appreciative.

Don’t repeat lines I’ve said to you, trying to get me back on board the ship.

About Me: I’m not the biggest fan of dreadlocks or hula hooping.

Should I keep a notebook for this or just try and remember them?

Step One: Proving the Power of Myth – Establishing Your Very Own Myth.

He said, “well, ya really gotta get yourself published.” I said, “Oh?” Pretending like that was news.

And on the second day, we met Mountain, his sister Moon and brother Sun.

Everyone’s walking by like they actually have someplace to go.

I’ll write a longer one sooner or later.

“Life is a pity. Close the book, go on.”

I’m pretending.





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