Call to Arms

Originally posted on Writings of the UnKnown Mr. Taylor:

Call to arms! Call to arms!
Our freedom will have to wait.
Someone else’s is at stake.
Liberation of a country that needs it.
We shall intervene!
and protect ourselves, while bringing down the tyranny!

Do not cry.
I will return to you.
There is no doubt in my mind.
I am but a simple poet but do not worry.
Dry those eyes.
I will never leave you.

I am always here for you.
No matter the distance.
I’ll send my love across the moonlight
With every breath I take while I sleep.
A midnight reassurance,
that my beating heart belongs to you.

I wipe away the salty tears.
My lips gently brush yours.
I hold you tight.
I don’t want to physically leave,
I want nothing more to stay with you.
It’s been such a short time together.

I’ll be back soon.
My hand leaves yours.
Yours leaves mine.

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Snake Tongued

Standing up there giving his grandiloquence,
doesn’t anyone see it as ponderous?
Words are his snakes, causing blind consequence
so cover your ears to be one of the courageous.

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prose or poems.

o’holy find love!

move toward a goal.

what was that she said?

stop now.

maybe not.



drugs. drugs. drugs.

stop now.

what did I say to you?

I miss the mother and son who sat behind me, my seatmate, the comfort.

No one makes noise from Roc to Cuse. The Lady who took my seat eats

crackers quietly and rubs her finger tips in the aisle. She flips vanity fair reading

the ads and plows another cracker into her beaked face.

15 minutes till noon, when I’ll allow myself to start drinking the booze I brought along in my bag.

9-10 more hours until Boston. I bought the ticket, I’ll take the ride.

she refuses to

hold conversation. I hope

they sell bottled wine.

All stops went quick, hoping to get into Boston early. Slept from Albany to  Schenectady.

Too many hits of tequila in the bathroom. Just left Springfield, headed toward Wooster.

Had noodles and coffee to burn off some liquor. Both were terrible.

Dinner lady, forty something, black and from Chicago.

Hope to find a sandwich shop in Portsmouth and a good coffee and maybe flowers.

I want time to sit and enjoy a Marlboro.

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The Gray Of Consequence

Originally posted on Writings of the UnKnown Mr. Taylor:

The clamor was heralded as the end
The last particle of dirt thrown down
And deep sadness spread.
That was the last night a word was spoken
Through whispers or yells
Over the phone or through writing
Nevermore was a single word spoken
The dark shadow had descended,
A Curtin of dismay and misery,
To heavy to lift for anyone
Now shoulders hunched against the weight
and walking head lowered against the rain
Solider on weary, and broken
And pray not to vanish in the shadow.

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Dall’altra Parte

The sun is mocking me as it sinks low,
Beneath the horizon promising me,
Another night where beauty does not see,
Terror lurking all over and below;
Summer’s heat is jaded (going away)
Leaves shriveling up taking away shade,
Exposing everything to what has been made:
Beauty becoming a slattern each day,
By sable lands ruthless tongues borne on wind,
That they themselves forsake the evil within,
Which we entrap in the deep of the night-
So we run, we die from our time sinned-
It catches up with us creating a din,
Cutting us (faster then time’s scythe) with might.

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Haiku: 34

I want to go to

Pennsylvania to find the

knowledge of truck stops.


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Uncharted Sea

Originally posted on Writings of the UnKnown Mr. Taylor:

I see it now as a delusion of a confused mind.
Sailing out on an uncharted sea-
on a decision to follow you-
love blew off without me
on the winds whipping up this storm.
I don’t know how I’ll be.

I’m drowning form her memory.
All I need is a paddle or sails
to get me out of this storming sea.
Though, it is her perfection and beauty
that prevents any of it to become accessible to me;
a mental blockage sinking me on this sea.

I thought I knew what was to be
from sailing out on these waters;
the beginning voyage of two lovers.
But these bruising wave are all I feel and see.
This is all and only my fault.
I let my hope sail me out on this sea.

He commanded the storm winds
and wave surges of the sea
to halt me.
Were you…

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